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Massage and Bodywork Artists is a unique private studio of its own design. Well-being and healing are the main influences of the bodywork received here. There is no “cookie cutter” ideal of a massage as Karen’s unique energy and caring nature allow her to give 100 percent of her massage knowledge, and personal regard to each individual client. A massage that leaves you feeling not only that you had work done on tense muscles or stressed areas but also truly relaxed and revitalized.



Why choose massage?

Many people have the idea that massage is simply just a way to treat oneself at a spa. That is true. but.. Are you aware of the deeper health benefits of massage?  Massage is not only about treating yourself to a relaxing time you may deserve, but could be used as a part of your healthcare preventative routine.









Emotional stress

Back aches

Neck pain

Muscle knots

Constant stress and overwork



Going through a rough patch in life

Massage has been found to help in cases of all of the above and more. Relief from any of life’s pain or stress in needed to heal and get well.  A routine massage not only can help battle these, but can be used to assist through periods of recovery from stress, sadness and sickness.  Massage can also help in times of low energy or even too much energy.

After a massage from Karen, you will feel relief from muscle tension and/or knots, balanced and renewed energy and a reduction in feeling stressed You will be able to let go of some of the tension you have experienced.  If you are seeking relaxation and a healthy affordable way to do it- a Massage at Massage and Bodywork Artists is like taking a vacation.  You will leave feeling well and rejuvenated.



Here are some of the services we offer at Massage and Bodywork Artists


Swedish Massage

Your Swedish massage can be a full body experience promoting relief from muscle soreness caused by stress, disease, or over work.  Swedish massage combines a variety of massage strokes that can enhance or facilitate healing on many levels.   Your Swedish massage can be given with light or deep pressure, and be area specific using massage techniques developed over many years to maintain athletic muscle fitness, assist in circulation, or increase relaxation. The physical and mental effects of Swedish massage have also found to promote balanced energy, good sleep and contribute to wellness.

4 Hand Massage


Something original, exceptional and created just for you! Allow 2-therapists to combine swedish, deep tissue, stretching and shiatsu to create a one of a kind 4 hand massage.  A 4 hands massage is deeply therapeutic and harmonizing.  To treat yourself or a friend, experience a massage unlike any other.

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage is used to alleviate knots, and muscle stress caused by injury, posture, and life stress. Stretches and deep tissue massage may be used to help relieve restrictions usually in a focused area.  Deep tissue massage can leave you feeling relieved and rejuvenated


Couples Massage


Want to get away with a loved one, family member or friend?  Take some time out and book a couples massage where you can experience the effects of massage together.  Enjoy the low lit healing atmosphere together while having your stresses massaged away.


HOT/COLD Stone massage

Hot or cold stones have been used for many years to help ease pain and stress. Stones can be used be used in an area of your request or included in a full body.  Use cold to help ease pain and stress.  Use hot to melt away tension and knots.


Fire Cupping


Cupping is a technique designed to be used in areas of tight restriction, knots, and restricted range of motion. Cupping can open up pathways for blood to heal tissue that has built up toxins over time. Cupping is an ancient technique used therapeutically today throughout the world.


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  1. beth

    Do you do pregnancy massage?

    1. Karen

      Hello Beth,

      I do not offer pregnancy massage however know people that do. If you would like this information please let me know I will be happy to help.

  2. gene monaco

    What was that type of massage you were talking to me about. The one where im on the floor? I cant remember the name. I think it had something to do with tai yoga or something. Becasue i will be out of commission for a month i will see you for an appointment in april. I want to read about that massage to see if it something i may want. And since i cant do anything for a month but read. Gene. Ps. Be prepared for me to ask you alot of questions. Im sorry now for my future bableing.

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